Affiliate Programme Conditions



The purpose of these Specific Conditions is to regulate the conditions under which the Affiliate participates in the Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as AP), as well as the manner in which this program is developed, regulating also the conditions and form of remuneration.

These Specific Conditions of Affiliation constitute, together with the Terms of Use and General Conditions of Amedia Social (hereinafter, ToS) published in"",the Contractual Conditions that will govern the Affiliate's relationship with Amedia Social, replacing all previous agreements, whether verbal or written, in relation to the object of the same.

In case of contradiction between these Specific Affiliate Terms and Conditions and the ToS, the provisions of the former shall prevail.


Affiliate Program Registration

The Affiliate Programme is a system whereby the Affiliate receives a commission from Amedia Social for the purchases, identified in clause six of these Conditions and not for others, made by users who access the Amedia Social Website through the Affiliate Website or by using the Affiliate Identifier (hereinafter ID) through other electronic services, such as social networks, instant messaging applications or e-mail.

Joining the Affiliate Programme begins with the Affiliate's request, by completing and submitting the form available on the Amedia Social website.

Once this form has been submitted, Amedia Social evaluates the suitability of the collaboration with the Affiliate and sends the Affiliate a reply by e-mail. If this response is satisfactory, the Affiliate will then be able to use the Affiliate Identifier that can be found in the Affiliate Programme Management Panel.

Amedia Social may unilaterally reject the application for participation in the Affiliate Programme if it determines that the applicant's Website is not suitable, at the time the application is made by the applicant, to promote the contents offered by Amedia Social through its Website.


Affiliate Programme Specifications

Amedia Social makes available to the Affiliate personalised text links, as well as Creativities (banners in different formats) and complementary material on its products. The Affiliate may use these resources, in accordance with the terms described in these Specific Conditions, both on its Website and on other electronic services, such as social networks, instant messaging applications or e-mail, using its unique ID.

The material offered by Amedia Social may be modified, replaced or cancelled by Amedia Social when deemed appropriate. Any editing or modification of such materials by the Affiliate is prohibited, unless previously expressly authorized in writing by Amedia Social.

The affiliate will have free access, at the sole and exclusive discretion of Amedia Social, to certain products (courses) of Amedia Social in order to make them known to the visitors of its Website through specific posts and reviews.

Amedia Social may also provide the Affiliate, in order to help promote its products (courses), with discount coupons that it may share with visitors to its website, as well as with subscribers to its newsletter service.


Control of purchases made by affiliates

A referral is the user who Views the Amedia Social website through the link shared by one of its affiliates and makes a purchase of any of the products offered by Amedia Social at that time or within 30 days of that visit. If prior to said visit the user had already made a purchase on the Amedia Social website directly, he/she will not be considered a referral, as he/she will have been previously identified in the system as a direct purchaser. Similarly, if in the 30 days prior to the visit made through the links shared by the Affiliate the user accessed through the link of another of Amedia Social's affiliates, he/she will be considered a referral of the first affiliate through which he/she accessed the website.

Purchases made by users from the Affiliate Website (referrals), as well as those from other authorised electronic services, through the use of the Affiliate ID, are identified and managed by the software called "AffiliateWP", developed by "AffiliateWP, LLC", a company that has no corporate relationship with The Long Tail, SL (Amedia Social) and is therefore independent of the latter.

Users coming from the Affiliate Website are identified by such software by means of the parameter called "referrer", so no alteration is required in the destination URLs hosted on the Amedia Social website when these are linked from the Affiliate Website.

For the identification of users coming from other electronic services such as social networks, instant messaging applications or email, when they have been referred by the Affiliate, it is necessary to build special URLs (personalized), as duly described in the Instructions section of the Affiliate Program Management Panel.

The use of cookies, which the system stores in the user's browser, allows Amedia Social, through the AffiliateWP software, to know if a user originally referred by the Affiliate makes one or more purchases on Amedia Social within 30 days of the user visiting the site through the Affiliate's recommendation. These purchases are reflected in the Affiliate's Management Panel.

In order for the Views and purchases made by the users referred by the Affiliate to be duly recorded in the system through the AffiliateWP software, the web browser of said users must allow the storage of cookies by Amedia Social.

If, after a referral's visit, the referrer deletes these cookies, the AffiliateWP software will not be able to determine their origin and, therefore, will not be able to assign the corresponding sales commission to the Affiliate. Likewise, if a user Views the Amedia Social website for the first time through the link of one of its affiliates but subsequently makes a purchase using another web browser, the system will not be able to determine that the original visit and the subsequent purchase belong to the same user and, therefore, will not be able to assign the corresponding commission per purchase to the Affiliate.


Management panel

The Management Panel through which the Affiliate can track the sales generated as a result of their collaboration is part of the AffiliateWP software and is hosted in a secure environment belonging to the Amedia Social website.

To access the Management Panel it is necessary for the user to have a standard user account at Amedia Social. To register this account, the user must provide at least a valid email address and a password, with which he/she will access the Management Panel.


Sales commissions

The commission to be received by the Affiliate for purchases made by their referrals on Amedia Social will be 15% of the net amount paid by said referrals, including taxes. The Affiliate will receive a commission for each of the sales generated thanks to the links on its Website, as well as for its recommendations on other services through the use of its unique ID.

Amedia Social reserves the right to modify the amounts of these commissions at any time. Should this happen, the user will be duly informed through the Amedia Social Website, as well as through the email address provided during registration in the Affiliate Programme. In this case, the new commission amounts will be applied after such notice, never prior to it.

If the referral makes use of his right to cancel the payment order in the days following buying any of the products offered by Amedia Social, the commission will be subtracted from the Affiliate's Management Panel.


Payment of commissions

The commissions generated by the Affiliate may be claimed by the Affiliate when they reach a total of 50 Euros (including taxes). The Affiliate shall provide the corresponding invoice, which must meet the requirements of the applicable legislation. Only individuals and legal entities that meet the legal requirements to be able to invoice may be Affiliates.

After validation by Amedia Social, the invoice will be paid by bank transfer or wire transfer on the 5th day of the month following the month in which the Affiliate issues the invoice.

The Subscriber shall consider the financial remuneration received as sufficient, equitable and in accordance with the law, unconditionally waiving the right to claim additional or higher sums from Amedia Social than those established as commissions in these Conditions.

The Affiliate will have a period of one year to receive the amount of the commissions accrued, starting from the time when these commissions total more than 100 euros (including taxes) and can, therefore, be claimed by means of the corresponding invoice to Amedia Social. After this period, if the user has not claimed the payment of these commissions, they will not be paid by Amedia Social.


Duration of the agreement

The present collaboration agreement and Specific Conditions come into force at the moment in which the user's application to participate in the Affiliate Programme is accepted by Amedia Social and the user therefore becomes an Affiliate.

The duration of this cooperation agreement is indefinite. Either party may terminate it at any time. It shall be sufficient to express a decision to terminate the agreement in writing and by electronic means on a specified date.

Partner shall not use any Amedia Social promotional materials for purposes other than those set out in these Terms and Conditions, unless it obtains the prior written consent of Amedia Social. Partner agrees not to use such materials in any manner that disparages or negatively represents Amedia Social.


Obligations and responsibilities of the parties

Without prejudice to the obligations established throughout these Conditions, Amedia Social shall provide all the information necessary for the Affiliate to be able to recommend the products offered on its platform by means of text links and/or creativities both from its Website and from other electronic services, as described in these Conditions.

Amedia Social will monitor the purchases made by the users referred by the Affiliate by means of the AffiliateWP software, developed by "AffiliateWP, LLC".

Users who access the Amedia Social Website through the Affiliate's links shall be considered to all intents and purposes as customers of Amedia Social, which shall be solely responsible for the products that it offers and that they purchase.

Amedia Social will determine the prices of the products sold on its platform with its own pricing policies. The Affiliate may not include pricing information or commercial policies applicable to Amedia Social products on its Website.

The Affiliate shall be solely and exclusively responsible for the development and maintenance of its Web Site, as well as for the contents thereof. Amedia Social shall in no event be liable for any breach of the Partner's responsibilities with respect to its Web Site.


Relationship between the member and Amedia Social

You and Amedia Social are independent of each other, and nothing in these Terms shall create any identity, trademark or legal relationship between the parties. These Terms do not create a partnership, commercial enterprise, agency, sales representation, or employment relationship between the parties. You shall have no authority to make or accept any offers or make any representations on behalf of Amedia Social, and vice versa.


Additional review

If any section of these Specific Conditions is declared null and void or unenforceable, such section shall be deemed to be excluded from the Conditions, without implying the nullity of all its clauses. In such a case, the parties shall make every effort to find an equivalent solution that is valid and duly reflects their intentions.