Promote our services and generate passive income. Upload a content, video, article or post, mentioning who we are and what we do. Attach your personalised link and that's it!

Every time someone buys through your link...


How does it work?

✔️ 1 Register as an affiliate with Amedia Social. Click on the "I want to become an affiliate" button. It will take less than a minute.

✔️ 2 You will activate a personalized link for you and your followers. This is what is known as a referral link.

3 Embed this link in your Youtube, Facebook, blog or web posts. Share it via WhatsApp or with your friends and succeed!

Every time someone clicks and buys a product on the Amedia Social website, you will earn 20% of the value of the sale!


* Read Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Why talk about inorganic growth in your networks or blog?


Our services are a lever to improve the credibility of our clients. They are a push for any 360º marketing strategy.
It is an open secret: marketing agencies, influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, businesses ... they all use or have used this type of services at some point.


Think about it: your subscribers and followers may have interest and many questions about it. Offer them reliable and contrasted information.

Your experience will help them form a free and considered opinion on whether or not to use this tactic in their positioning .

and furthermore...


Remember: your followers connect with you to learn and find answers they can't get elsewhere. Inorganic growth is a marketing strategy like any other, which you should not avoid in your content.


Be a pioneer and guide them. Explain what it is, your point of view, your experience or how to take advantage of this option. Make a list of benefits and myths. Or present it as a tutorial/training for your audience to draw their own conclusions. 


You will generate a lot of interaction, views and will position yourself as an opinion leader for those who need advice on this subject. And we assure you that they are not few! In Spain alone, more than 45,000 related searches are made every month. 


Our services are in high demand, real and constantly growing. As an affiliate, we will send to your account, every month, 20% of the amount of each sale made through your link.


Are there any membership requirements?

The only requirement is: to have desire and passion for what you do.

decide the tone of the message, the product about which you want to make your content, the reflections you want to share or the networks where to upload it. 

We currently have more than 150 affiliates with different profiles: content creators, digital marketing experts, online income professionals, influencers, online academies, regular customers of our platform...

Some of them have been really successful, like Juan Carlos Chavarría, who earned more than €4,000 in commissions in just over a year.


Digital marketing consultant


Need an idea to get you off the ground?

We know that the first few times are the most important and complicated.
But don't worry, go for it!

Here are some tips for launching your first affiliate content.

You can...

>Create a video on Youtube explaining what it is to buy followers and where you can get them.

 Make one or more posts on Tik Tok about how to grow artificially there.

Relate our products with their benefits to activate the monetisation of a YouTube channel.

And if you have a PROPOSAL and you want to COLLABORATE with us

Send us an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my affiliate link?

When you create an affiliate account on Amedia Social, you are shown a summary page with all your details. This is the affiliate section. There you will see a number which is your ID. The ID is associated with your email address.

This is a custom identifier, in the form of a number that you must add to the end of the referral link(
For example ....


affiliate ID is: 1
Your referral URL is:

You can find and copy this link directly from the affiliate area. There you will also be able to see real-time information about sales, statistics, payments, visits... And everything you need to see the evolution of your commissions. 

In which case can some conversions be denied?

For account creation conversions, there is a manual review process by our teams. There are different reasons for a rejection:

  • Tests that are regularly conducted by Amedia Social employees, creating dummy accounts to verify feedback and Affiliate WP information.
  • The data entered during account creation is incorrect.
  • The email address entered when creating the account is a webmail address.
  • The lead's activity is contrary to our terms of business (by using Amedia Social, the user agrees "not to use the Service to send violent, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, offensive or discriminatory content, or content intended to promote certain sensitive activities, such as online games, casinos, extra income offers, clairvoyance, weight loss, etc...").

Conversions for paid subscriptions are exceptionally rejected.

However, if this is the case, it may be for different reasons:

  • For an online payment: the user's credit card was rejected and he did not regularise his situation.
  • For a payment by cheque or bank transfer: a payment that the user did not make or made incompletely (the conversion ID begins with 2 letters) was expected.
  • Tests that are regularly conducted by Amedia Social employees creating fictitious accounts and payments to verify Affiliate WP information or payment.
When are commissions redeemed?

Commission payments are made once they have exceeded an accumulated balance of €50. Payments to our affiliates can be made by bank transfer or PayPal account, and are usually made before the 5th of each month.

And if you prefer, commissions can also be redeemed for services on our website. No minimum balance or waiting time.
Do it whenever you want by sending an email to All you have to do is indicate the service and the amount you want to redeem. 

Remember that you can see the evolution of your income in real time, in the Affiliates area. 

How long does the tracking cookie remain?

Tracking cookies are valid for 30 days.

What information is required to become an affiliate and create an account?

To become an affiliate and create an affiliate account with Amedia Social you will only need the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address