Want to make money on Twitter? Read these basic tips


Although Twitter has changed a lot since its birth in 2026, the purpose of this social network is still to establish a conversation between users around the world on current affairs. However, with billionaire Elon Musk's purchase of the company, the future of the social network is more uncertain than ever.

Twitter has never been the ideal platform to make money and, in fact, it is an open secret that the company is not profitable. For that reason, many companies decide to leave aside this social network in their digital strategy and the same happens with those users who want to monetize their influence. 

So why bother investing in buying Twitter followers? The truth is that buying Twitter followers can make things much easier for us or, at least, be the engine of a good strategy.

Can you make money on Twitter?

Unlike Instagram, collaborations between influencers and brands are not common on Twitter. Nor is it geared towards product sales or B2B relationships, as may be the case with LinkedIn. So how can you make money on Twitter?

Sponsored tweets

Some web services offer money in exchange for sponsored tweets. The user publishes a tweet with the indicated content and at the indicated time (usually promoting one of the services) and receives a payment through PayPal.

Obviously, in order to be able to publish sponsored tweets, the user must have a good number of followers.

Promoted ads

The equivalent of Facebook or Instagram ads. These are tweets bought by advertisers to reach a wider audience or generate more interactions. It is a good way to showcase products, drive traffic to a shopping website or inform about a new service.

Although Twitter ads are not comparable to those of other social networks due to the idiosyncrasies of the platform, the results are usually positive.

Trend Takeovers

They work similarly to a promoted ad, but instead of appearing in the timeline of the target audience groups, the ad is placed in Trends. This exponentially multiplies the reach of the ad, although it represents a higher cost.

Why are followers important to make money?

It is true that Twitter does not have the most purchase intent users, but it is still a social network with millions of active users. It is a huge source of potential customers and, as such, it is necessary to take advantage of it.

As far as a common user is concerned, buying followers on Twitter guarantees a substantial improvement of the profile image and gives you more chances to collaborate in sponsored tweets. As we have seen, these tweets bring a direct benefit.

In terms of companies and brands, let's say for example that you are promoting a new pair of sneakers. The ideal would be to make a promoted ad about the product and select the target audience well to get more reach.

Many of the users impacted by the ad will access the company's profile to learn more. These users will have a better perception of the profile if they see a high number of followers and, therefore, they are more likely to follow it.

How to buy followers on Twitter

How to get followers on Twitter?

Most accounts do not usually exceed 1,000 Twitter followers, which leads us to think that getting followers on this social network is very difficult. This is not always the case. 

Supporters campaign

One of the ways to grow is through a follower campaign. These campaigns amplify a message with the goal of attracting new followers among a like-minded audience. As with other networks, the success of the campaign can be monitored in the Twitter Ads Manager.

Buy followers on Twitter

A good way to grow in a short time is to buy real Twitter followers

One of the most frequent doubts when buying followers is whether Twitter can penalize us for it. This is not the case. Twitter cannot close or penalize an account for experiencing an increase in followers.  

On the other hand, and contrary to popular opinion, buying Twitter followers is cheap. There are Twitter packs for all budgets. Some examples from Amedia Social are 100 Twitter followers for 4.99 euros, 1,000 followers for 39.99 euros or 10,000 followers for 399.99 euros.

Purchased followers will not bring us an immediate benefit, but, as we have pointed out, they can boost the profile image, improving the user's perception and facilitating ads that lead to a purchase process.

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