Buy cheap Instagram followers in each country: comparison


How much does it cost to boost a social network? Buying cheap Instagram followers is one of the best decisions we can make, as long as we get an economic benefit. That's why we ordered the price in each country in 2022 to get an accurate idea of the cost.

Many people believe that a service of this type in social networks has a high cost, but this is not the case. The price of followers depends largely on two factors: the country and the number of followers

Buy 500 cheap Instagram followers

However, buying followers is cheap in any country if we opt for the smallest pack (500 Instagram followers). The cheapest option is to buy very cheap followers without geolocation. With this option, we will have followers from all over the world at low prices.

The price comparison is as follows, ordered from cheapest to most expensive.

You can buy your 500 Instagram followers here.

500 followersNo geolocation4,99 €
500 followersSpain and Latin America9,98 €
500 followersMexico12,48 €
500 followersArgentina12,48 €
500 followersUnited States12,48 €
500 followersPeru12,48 €
500 followersBolivia12,48 €
500 followersPanama12,48 €
500 followersEcuador12,48 €
500 followersChile12,48 €
500 followersUruguay12,48 €
500 followersVenezuela12,48 €
500 followersColombia12,48 €

Of course, the more followers we buy, the more discount will be applied to the final price

Buy 1000 cheap Instagram followers

A very common investment is to buy 1k followers for Instagram, a figure that is still affordable and gives us the opportunity to give a considerable boost to the profile.

Start buying your 1,000 Instagram followers.

This is the price difference depending on the country:

1,000 followersNo geolocation9,99 €
1,000 followersSpain and Latin America19,98 €
1,000 followersMexico24,99 €
1,000 followersArgentina24,99 €
1,000 followersUnited States24,99 €
1,000 followersPeru24,99 €
1,000 followersBolivia24,99 €
1,000 followersPanama24,99 €
1,000 followersEcuador24,99 €
1,000 followersChile24,99 €
1,000 followersUruguay24,99 €
1,000 followersVenezuela24,99 €
1,000 followersColombia24,99 €

Buy cheap 10k Instagram followers

10,000 followers on Instagram is already a considerable number. It is not only a significant increase, but also a visual change in the profile itself

Here you can buy your 10,000 new Instagram followers.

It is also the figure from which brands consider possible collaborations, thus increasing the possibilities of obtaining benefits.

Discover What you can do after buying 10,000 cheap Instagram followers..

10,000 followersNo geolocation59,99 €
10,000 followersSpain and Latin America119,98 €
10,000 followersMexico124,99 €
10,000 followersArgentina124,99 €
10,000 followersUnited States124,99 €
10,000 followersPeru124,99 €
10,000 followersBolivia124,99 €
10,000 followersPanama124,99 €
500 followersEcuador124,99 €
500 followersChile124,99 €
500 followersUruguay124,99 €
500 followersVenezuela124,99 €
500 followersColombia124,99 €

Finally, the most powerful option is the 100,000 followers pack for 499.98 €. This pack includes 10,000 autolikes (automatic likes after each publication).


Where to buy cheap followers for Instagram?

Amedia Social is the ideal place to buy followers cheap Instagram followers. Apart from having the most competitive prices in the market, we have a technical team to accompany the customer throughout the process.

It is not only a platform where to buy cheap Instagram followers, but other services for social networks to grow in a short time.

How to buy cheap Instagram followers?

Buying cheap is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Amedia Social website.
  2. Go to the product page to buy Instagram followers.
  3. Enter the URL of the profile you want to promote.
  4. Check if we want geolocalized followers in Spain and Latin America.
  5. Optionally, we can add autolikes to the purchase.
  6. Click on Add to cart.
  7. When we have added all the desired items to the cart, we click on it (top right).
  8. Click on Finalize purchase to add the payment details.
  9. Add a coupon code if you have one.
  10. Once the details have been entered, click on Finalize purchase.

As we have seen, the purchase of followers is an affordable investment for all budgets depending on the objective set.

If you still have questions, contact the Social Media team for a personalized social media growth plan.

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