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Do you work as a community manager? Are you the administrator or editor of a Facebook page or professional Instagram account? Would you like to manage your brand's or business' social networks from one place? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you need to use Facebook Creator Studio. Read on and find out why along with how to post to Facebook


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What is Facebook Creator?

According to Meta, it is basically a set of amazing features grouped into a single tool that allows users not only to publish content but also to know the performance obtained from those publications through easy-to-interpret statistics. 

The best part is that you can do this on your current Facebook page as well as on your Instagram account. 


These are the reasons why you need Facebook Studio Creator

The reasons why you should use it revolve around its wide and varied list of functionalities that allow you to carry out several important tasks in record time and with total efficiency. 

In addition to the ones you already knew in the previous point, with this popular tool you can:


  • Schedule publications 

Do you already have the design and copy of your posts ready but you still don't know when you want to publish them? You don't need to have them saved on your computer or mobile device since in Facebook Creator Studio you can save them as a draft or decide the date you want them to be published. 

This feature is perfect to have prepared the work for the whole week or even month. This way you can devote yourself to other activities or go on vacation without neglecting your target. 

If you don't know how to post on Facebook, you will learn later. 




  • Manage all content

If you want to consult certain publications, be it a video, image, link or text, you can do so with the possibility of setting filters for a more precise search. 

Or select one of the following options: "All", "Published", "Scheduled", "Draft" or "Archived"; "Last 7 days", "Last 14 days", "Last 28 days" or "Last 90 days". You can also choose between the publications of the last month or quarter, customize the search (you choose the date) or use the search bar. 

At the same time, you have the option to edit, promote or delete them. This means that, for example, if you want to make a change in the text of your publications or simply do not want to publish a specific one, you can do so without any problem. 


  • Improve the performance of your videos

In the "Statistics" section, right under the "Performance" tab, the platform will show you relevant information about the videos you have posted and shared, which is great as you will understand in more detail what suits you and what doesn't, and based on those results take further actions. 




  • Chat and comment

In the "Inbox" tab you can communicate with your Facebook fans and Instagram followers. That is, chat with them, clarify their doubts, offer them your products or services, etc. 

In addition, in this same tab you will find the comments of the users of both social networks (each one separately) made on your posts. Of course, you will be able to react and/or respond. 


  • Use music and effects in your publications

From Facebook Creator Studio you can even enhance your videos by adding music themes and sound effects at no cost and royalty free. All you have to do is download your favorite files, add them to your videos and that's it. 

To access this function, click on the "Creative Tools" section and then on the "Sound Collection" tab. 




How to use Facebook Studio

You don't have to take a course or spend hours analyzing the tool to understand it or learn how to post on Facebook. It is very simple because the interface is quite intuitive. You just need to review it carefully and use it regularly to get used to it. 

However, today you will learn how to use one particular feature: scheduling your Facebook posts.



How do I schedule my Facebook posts?

When you access Facebook Creator Studio you will see the Facebook and Instagram icon right in the center of the page. By default, when you log in, you will be in the Facebook section.

However, before you start taking action on scheduling posts, make sure you're on the right social network. In this case, Facebook. 

Now, the procedure to be followed (so far) is as follows:


  • Go to content creation section

At the top left you will see a green bar that says "Create". Click on it. When you do so, several tabs will appear. Select the first one: "Create publication".


  • Design the publication

This is the most fun part of how to post on Facebook because it's where you have to put the post together. 

Generally speaking, in this section you can add text, links, emojis, hashtags, location, tags, photo and video.

If you wish, you can even choose the date and time at which you want the publication to stop appearing in the news section (this does not mean that the publication will disappear). 




  • Program the post

When you have everything ready, click on the inverted triangle next to the "Publish" button. Three options will appear: "Schedule publication", "Save as draft" and "Set a previous date". In fact, choose the first one and indicate the date and time. 

Finally, click on the "Save" button and then on "Schedule Publication". That's all. 


Where Creator Studio is on Facebook

To use the tool, click here. You will automatically access it, unless your current Facebook account is not open. If it is not, log in.

Remember that to use Facebook Creator Studio you must manage a Facebook page or Instagram account. 

However, there are several page roles. And depending on the one you exercise, the information that will appear, the availability of functions and the actions you can perform will be determined.  

For example, an administrator has full control while an editor has partial control.  




Facebook Content Creator: much more than a tool

It is worth mentioning that Facebook Creator Studio has more functions, equally useful and easy to apply, such as Rights Manager (protection of original content acting under certain rules) or Monetization (information on the performance of monetized products). 

So go beyond knowing how to post on Facebook: access the tool regularly and use it. You will see that in a short time you will master it and get the most out of each of the sections it offers to boost your Facebook profile. 

And, obviously, in order to optimize the time involved in such an essential task for your business as publications. So, what are you waiting for to publish your first post using Facebook Creator Studio?

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