How it works to buy followers, visits, subs, likes, hours, ... in Amedia Social

Amedia Social is the only company in the industry that has no problem explaining how we get your social networks to grow at an accelerated rate. Find out what it means to get followers, how we achieve it, what things can happen and above all: what differentiates us from the rest of the competition.

How do the followers get?

The social networks themselves have systems so that you can access all their functionalities through programming. From here, what is done is to create thousands of profiles that execute predefined actions such as: follow, like, comment, subscribe, watch a video, etc... This allows us to sell for example 10,000 visits, 50,000 followers or 4,000 hours of playback.

Do social networks allow Bots?

Social networks work to eradicate this type of bots by frequently updating their system and putting more and more barriers to make their "work" more difficult. Once Instagram, for example, updates its system, it is carefully studied and from here a new development is created to be able to recreate the "bots" in question.

What situations can occur when buying followers, visits, hours, ...?

Most of the time the services we offer at Amedia Social work perfectly. The truth is that when social networks are updated, it takes a certain amount of time to be able to operate the service normally. 


Common situations and how we solve them 😃

Some of the followers have been detected as bots and have been removed.

The Amedia Social team will automatically upgrade all services again. Even so, and if it is within the warranty period, the user can contact us through the Chat tab that you will find at the bottom right of the screen, noting the order number (eg: #397947) and we will perform as soon as possible the new increase of followers / visits / subs / hours / likes manually.

Open chat

My order has not started

We handle orders carefully, thoroughly and manually from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm (Spanish time). Normally it takes about 12 hours to start showing results. Even so, it may happen, as we have mentioned, that the social network in question is undergoing changes in its system and this may cause us to take a little longer. What we can assure you is that all orders are eventually fulfilled.

If your order has not been initiated, due to working hours, it has already been processed, we recommend you to have a little patience and wait. If you have not received your order within 48 hours, please open the chat tab, and select the option "my order status". There you can report the incident to our team and we will support you as soon as possible.

YouTube Hours have stagnated

It is not very common, but if you have purchased viewing hours for your YouTube channel and the upload process has stalled without reaching the contracted number, we will need you to send us a screenshot through the chat and selecting "order status" with the hours your YouTube channel had at the time of purchase and the current ones. This way we will be able to verify it correctly and fill the order immediately.

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