How to boost Facebook for business?


Facebook is a powerful network that is evolving for businesses thanks to Mark Zuckerberg's Meta project, which integrates several technologies and special services for businesses.

More than 3 billion people around the world share ideas and collaborate to make a difference in the world on Facebook. And according to the same platformmore than 200 million businesses have a fanpage and are already using Meta applications to connect with their customers and grow.

Therefore, if you want to leverage Facebook for Business, you must first create a fanpage, then take advantage of the marketpalce functions offered by the platform and, finally, evolve towards the new Meta proposal from where you can take advantage of Meta Business Suite.

Don't know how to create a Facebook?

Don't worry, in this article we explain it to you.


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The Facebook Business page also known as the fanpage is necessary to separate your personal Facebook profile from your business activities.

This type of page allows you to develop business strategies such as:

  • Create communities interested in your products and services
  • Create ads from your published content
  • Contact channel for your company
  • Statistics of your account activities

To create a fanpage you need to have a personal profile on Facebook. And once created you will see the option "create fanpage".

When you enter the fanpage you will be asked to give it a name, create a brief description and classify the business according to its type.

The next thing is to add the most visual part of the brand such as the profile logo and the page photo. The profile picture can be created with an avatar and the cover image can be created from design platforms such as Canvas.

Once you have uploaded the visual elements of the fanpage, the next thing to do is to add the contact WhatsApp, preferably business.


The personalized name of the fanpage is very important, that is to say, that something appears in the URL like: and not numbers and code that nobody understands. You may find that your brand name is not available, in this case, try adding your country. Try to keep it as short as possible with a name that is easy to remember.

The next thing is to customize the contact button with call to action according to your business strategy. You can invite to watch a video, join the Facebook group, subscribe to your page, call, book, start an order, in short, it all depends on the digital marketing strategy created.

Then, fill in the rest of the information that will help to know more about your business such as website (in case you have one), available hours, contact email.

Another important feature is to customize your page with a template, which you can find in the page settings area. This way, you will be able to add tabs according to your business needs. For example, you can add tabs such as: videos, photos, information, community, offers, services, store, reviews, among others.

The next step is to connect Facebook with Instagram and thus integrate the most important functionalities of these two communication channels to be managed in Meta Business Suite.

The contents can be taken out day by day on an ad hoc basis or scheduled within Meta Business Suite.


After many people and businesses used Facebook to sell products at retail, the platform decided to set up its own Marketplace.

Facebook's Marketplace is the place where individuals and businesses can buy and sell items, new and second-hand, primarily related to the following:

  • Housing rentals
  • Car rentals
  • Event tickets
  • Retail

Sorting filters can be used to find the products you want, based on location, categories and prices. The platform allows you to place several types of currencies and even pay within the platform in some cases.

As a seller, you can create ads on Facebook Marketplace and thus influence the search for your products and increase sales.

And as a buyer you can apply geolocation functions to find products being offered near your location.

This service relies on high-resolution photographs, so it is aimed at businesses and stores for which retail sales and visual display of products are important.



Meta is Facebook's new enterprise brand as of October 28, 2021. Its mission is to enable people to create communities and bring the world closer together.

In meta they accumulate several technologies, some from recognized brands and others not so much, that allow them to achieve their mission, which they have acquired over time such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Facebook itself.

Meta is betting on the future of 3D connectivity, a space where you can work, play and connect with people around the world. The focus is on creating new social experiences and decreasing the friction that can be felt by working remotely, as working relationships have changed forever with virtuality.

One of the most powerful Meta tools for business is Meta Business Suite . It is a free tool that concentrates Facebook, Instagram and messaging tools in one place. It's a way to get better business results and statistics for your business.

Among the main advantages that businesses have when using this tool are:

  • Possibility of simultaneous posts in feed and stories on Facebook and Instagram without having to leave the account.
  • Programming of publications and stories.
  • Content creation and multimedia library service.
  • Easy to read and reply to messages and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger from one place.
  • Development of automatic responses that speed up the response time to customers.
  • Creation of advertisements to encourage potential customers to interact with the company.
  • Access to the sales administrator, business configuration and much more.

Are you ready to create a Facebook for your business and make it grow?

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