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Increase your Popularity

Getting more followers on Instagram will lead to more followers that will make your Instagram profile a success among potential customers or fans. Our Followers system allows you to receive these followers in less than 48 hours in a totally secure and confidential way.

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Frequently asked questions about our Instagram services

Unlike other platforms, Instagram does not pay its users for their activity on the platform. However, we all know that if you attract advertisers you can promote their products and they will pay you for it, like the well-known influencers.

Therefore, if you are looking to make money on Instagram, your account needs to be attractive to brands and have a large number of followers. Advertisers will want to promote their products on an account with a large audience, so they will value a high number of followers.

If you want to monetise your account and start earning money, at Amedia Social we offer you a quick solution to grow your number of followers on Instagram. Buy now 10.000 followers for only 49,99€. With Amedia Social, attract advertisers to your profile and become an influencer recognised and valued by big brands.

To get paid on Instagram you need to have a high number of followers, which attracts new advertiserswho want to promote themselves on your profile and pay you for it.

At Amedia Social we want you to earn money with your Instagram account and become a real eye-catcher for advertisers. Therefore, we offer you our services of buying followers so that you can position your profile with a high number of followers and advertisers recognise you as a influencer of success to promote their products.

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Instagram has introduced many changes to its algorithm during 2020, and this has caused a lot of confusion, doubt and disappointment for its users. But how can we keep up with so much change? Knowing how Instagram's algorithm works is essential to understand how content is positioned on the platform:

The first thing to note is that the algorithm values stories and posts that have a high level of feedback:

  • A high number of "likes".
  • Comments.
  • Visualisations.
  • Reshipments.
  • Direct Messages (DM).

All these interactions indicate to the algorithm that the content of your account is attractive and interesting to the audience, generating a large flow of useful information.

It should therefore be clear that the more movement on your account, the better!

And at Amedia Social we want to help you get interactions that motivate the movement of your account. To do this, we have a wide variety of services that will boost your Instagram:

With Amedia Social you will be able to grow on Instagram and become the next successful influencer !

We're going to tell you the quickest way to get what you want so badly... to succeed on Instagram and become an influencer!

You have to keep in mind that success requires time and quality content:

  1. Pay attention to your image.
  2. Focus on a specific theme .
  3. Upload qualitystories .
  4. Publish posts of interest.
  5. Current affairs are the most talked-about topic.
  6. Your account description should be clear and attractive.

However, to speed up this process, at Amedia Social we give you the possibility of boosting your Instagram quickly and without having to make great efforts:

At Amedia Social we give you a solution so fast and effective, that will make you take off on Instagram like never before. Achieve success on Instagram and don't let this opportunity pass you by!


Guarantees when buying with Amedia Social

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Customer Support

We have the best 24/7 technical support team to solve all customer concerns.

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We offer a money-back guarantee in case of non-performance of the service or failure to achieve the expected result.

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Secure payment

We use the most secure platforms currently available on the market. Payment protected by 256-byte SSL encryption.

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Guaranteed privacy

We guarantee our customers total privacy in all transactions, protecting customer data through our secure platform.

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