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Frequently asked questions

Want to know how much money you can earn with your Onlyfans content? Here we tell you all the details:

1.- SUBSCRIPTIONS. Currently the platform monetizes user content through subscriptions. That is, to view exclusive content you have to pay a ✅ MINIMUM FEE of $4.99 per month. In addition, the creator can offer three-, six- or nine-month packs with a discount proportional to the months of subscription. However, the maximum fee limit, which is regulated by the platform, is $49.99.

2.- PROPINIONS. Another monetization point that the platform has, are the 'Tips' per publication, (where you monetize for photographic or audiovisual content), where the minimum that the user can pay is 5 dollars, with no maximum limit.

Please note that Onlyfans keeps 20% of all platform revenue.

▶ To make an approximation of what a creator can earn at Onlyfans, we have to take these factors into account:

  1. Number of subscribers + monthly fee
  2. Number of tips + amount of tips

For example, a person with 500 followers on the platform, with a fixed subscription of $10 per month and 15 posts per month at $5 tip each (let's say 100 users are the ones paying per post) = $5,500 - [20% Onlyfans keeps ($1,100 approximately)] = ? Approximately $4,400 per month.

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Onlyfans is a platform that offers multiple benefits to content creators, especially for the facilities it offers in its monetization:

  1. You can upload content of any type and in multiple formats. Onlyfans is a very permissive platform for creators, who can upload content in multiple formats and with different themes. Normally, and as Onlyfans is well known, content of an intimate or sexual nature is uploaded.
  2. Easy monetization. This is the most notable advantage of Onlyfans, the facilities it offers in its monetization, wherecontent creators get paid from user subscriptions and tips, reaching large sums of money being an average content creator.
  3. It is a free platform. This advantage is key, since you can create an account and start monetizing it in a matter of days.
  4. You can interact with your followers. Although interaction may be mediated by tips, creators can decide without interacting with their followers.
  5. You can withdraw money whenever you want ⚡. Onlyfans is not like other platforms, where you can withdraw money from your account reaching a minimum, but you can do it with total flexibility and at any time.

These are some of the advantages Onlyfans offers to its content creators, are you thinking of opening an account and start earning money instantly?

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Earning easy money on Onlyfans is already a reality, do you want to know how to earn money and accelerate the growth of your income?

Your profile membership is the main way to earn money on Onlyfans (users pay monthly subscriptions to your content), however, you can boost your income with these tips:

Set the price per subscription. The minimum is $4.99 and the maximum is $49.99, so you can increase the price per subscription in that range.

2.- Create limited subscription promotions. What does that mean? That you can set up offers on your subscription, for example, you can offer 3 months subscription for $29.99. If your monthly subscription costs $11.99, a one-time discount can encourage users to subscribe to your channel.

3.- Referral and affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is very useful if you want to increase your visibility on the internet and get more subscribers in Onlyfans. This way, you will earn money with the links that affiliates or people will leave in their profiles, increasing your chances of gaining subscribers.

4.- Tips. In Onlyfans your viewers can leave you tips when you make live or streaming videos. The more live videos you do, the more chances you have to get big tips.

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OnlyFans is a platform that was created in 2016 in order for its users to upload content to the network. The goal is for creators to upload exclusive content to monetize their activity, since only those who pay the monthly membership, will be able to access the content of the creators.

? Most of the content uploaded to this network is of an intimate nature, as it is the most in-demand content and the one that earns the most money for creators.

? The way Onlyfans works is simple, to see the content you have to pay a monthly fee. In fact if you want to create an account on the platform here we explain the steps to follow:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up with your Google account, Twitter account or with a specific user of the platform.
  3. Fill in your details in your profile: name, profile picture and a biography.
  4. Then go to the 'Lists' section to search for content creators and subscribe to their account.

That's it! If you have followed these steps, you will already have your Onlyfans account and you will be able to check the content of the creators.Do you want to know your current balance and the subscriptions to your account? Go to the'Statements' section to see all your earnings. ?

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