SEO on Instagram: techniques and tips


Do you want your brand or business to reach your target audience? You don't have money to invest in advertising? Your sales have decreased? SEO on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to achieve your purposes through this popular application.

Find out how you can do it this year without having to have extensive knowledge of social media.


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What is SEO?

The first thing you should know is what SEO is. In a nutshell, it stands for "Search Engine Optimization", which in Spanish means: "Optimización para Motores de Búsqueda".

It is a set of techniques and strategies that serve to make a website or blog appear in the first results of Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines.


What is actually doing SEO on Instagram?

In the case of SEO on Instagram, it would be almost the same. Well, it is the implementation of a series of tactics that will help your profile on this platform to have greater notoriety.

Therefore, it is not enough to just reply to comments on your posts, have a feed with an excellent color palette, design attractive posts, upload stories every day, let alone manage your profile just for the sake of it.

This strategy goes beyond that: it consists of working your account intelligently.




And how can you do SEO positioning on Instagram?

The most effective techniques are divided into actions to optimize the account and publications:


Account optimization

To provide a good user experience, start by optimizing your profile. Specifically, make sure you follow these steps:


  • Instagram Business 

Instagram Business is Instagram's exclusive tool for professional profiles: you can create your business profile, promote posts, access statistics about your posts and much more. 

To convert your personal account to a professional one, go to "Settings", "Account" and "Switch to professional account".


  • Name and user name

Both names are relevant for SEO on Instagram due to the fact that, if possible, apart from being associated with your brand or business, they should contain a keyword.

That is, a word or phrase that identifies your business to increase the chances of your profile appearing in the search results section.

In addition, it is essential that they are similar to those of your other social networks so that they are not easy to forget and users find you faster. Besides, they must be easy to write and pronounce. 


  • Public or private account?

Make your profile public so that any user can get to know you. Don't make it private because you could lose great opportunities to popularize your content since many people are too lazy to wait for their application to be accepted. 


  • Photography

Remember that Instagram is a social network where images play a fundamental role. Therefore, the profile picture must be of quality, colorful and represent your brand or business.


  • Biography

This is the right space for you to describe your business. Define who you are and/or what you offer. Be brief but provide valuable information.

Now, how do I apply SEO on Instagram through the bio? Simple! Add a secondary keyword (word or phrase related to your main keyword), hashtags and the link to your website, blog, WhatsApp or any other crawlable link. 







Once you have optimized your profile, apply these measures to your publications:


  • Hashtags

The role of hashtags is to describe your content with certain terms so that it can be discovered by more users. Yes, they are like keywords. 

Consequently, use them in your posts. Instagram, so far, allows you to use up to 30 tags. 

To help you with this task, use SISTRIX. It's a software that has a hashtag generator for Instagram - it's free!


  • Photo or video caption

In the caption of a photo or video, the first characters have a great relevance in SEO on Instagram. 

This means that when writing the copy for your publications, you should start by adding the most relevant keywords, those that best represent your posts. 

Look at it as if those first characters were the title of your publications. 


  • Alternative text (alt-text)

On Instagram, the reason for implementing this feature was to allow visually impaired users to know what the posted images are about. However, it is also perfect for SEO on Instagram. 

The exact function of alt text in SEO is to classify images so that they appear in a group of images and can be found by one or more keywords. 

The alt-text can be elaborated automatically. Of course, it is recommended that you write the description, emphasizing the inclusion of keywords. 


  • Geo-tagging 

Geotagging is nothing more than adding a geographic location to your posts. By doing so, when a user performs a search, Instagram will show them the closest results. 


  • Stories

Another way to do SEO on Instagram is by uploading stories with the hashtag sticker so that your profile connects with the same series of tags that other profiles employ.




Increase your Instagram reach: all the advantages of applying SEO strategies  

The main advantages that SEO on Instagram will provide you with are:

  • SEO positioning on Instagram

Undoubtedly, your account will increase the chances of getting a better position in the search results within the app. From this advantage, the others follow. 


  • Longer range

The simple fact that your SEO positioning on Instagram improves means that more people know about your content, regardless of whether they are inside or outside your territory. 


  • Connecting with potential customers 

Many people will know about your business, among which there will be those who are interested in your products or services.


  • Increased sales

As your audience grows, so will your chances of selling. 


  • It is economical

Unlike advertising, with these SEO strategies on Instagram you won't spend money. 

Unless you delegate these tasks to a Community Manager, you will have to make a small investment. In the end it won't be a lot of money compared to the positive results you will get.


  • More followers

Your number of followers will grow organically. That is, they will reach you without having spent on paid advertising. 

To reinforce your SEO strategy on Instagram, it is essential that you analyze the results so that you know in more detail what has worked and what has not, make the appropriate modifications and achieve the goals you have set. 

Some tools you may find useful are: Instagram Insights, Iconosquare, SEMrush, Hootsuite and Metricool.

Even so, if you want to quickly boost the growth of your followers in Amedia Social we help you achieve your goals thanks to our services to increase followers .

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