What are Social Networks used for in Digital Marketing?


According to the 2021 Digital Report issued by We Are Socialevery 15 seconds a new user registers on social networks.. It also announces that one in two people use digital communication platforms, that is, more than 3.78 billion people in the world.

As if that were not enough, this study indicates that the average person is online approximately 7 hours a day, and that of that time an average of two and a half hours is spent on social networks. 

In addition, one of the fundamental bases of marketing is tobe where your main consumers are . Today,that space is the social networks, which makes them an indispensable part of any advertising strategy .

So, without a doubt, if you want to increase your sales and have greater reach, you must have a presence in social networks.

In the following article we will explain in detail what they are for, how social media marketing influences social networks, And what are the main benefits they offer for brands. Let's get started!




What are social networks really for in digital marketing?

The role of social media in marketing is fundamental to the growth of a brand, both in the digital and physical world. This is due to:

  • Its high potential for branding: improving image, reputation and increasing brand authority. Currently, more than 40% of users use social networks to inquire about products and brands before making a purchase.
  • Increases interaction with customers: thanks to the closeness and ease of connecting with a specific audience that shares the same values as the brand.
  • Improve positioning in search engines: connecting web publications with posts on social networks, will increase people's curiosity to expand the information. By directing to the blog or corporate website, increasing its traffic, improving its authority and better positioning in search engines.

However, it is not enough just to know what social networks are for social networks in digital marketing. EIt is necessary to learn how to use them to get the expected results. This is what we tell you below:


Social networks in digital marketing: how to use them 

During the early days of social networks, brands were seen as intruders within the platforms, since the objective of the platforms was to interact with friends and family, that is, people and not companies. 

This forced brands to change the way they advertise on social networks, humanizing and becoming closer to their audience, they began to become part of people's lives.

Currently, social networks are not conceivable without brands, but only those that define specific strategies for digital environments achieve their advertising objectives within the platforms. If you want to know how to establish a successful marketing strategy, you can learn on your own by taking an online course, or by hiring the digital marketing services of a specialist.

  • Define your objectives: these can be to increase engagement, obtain greater recognition, generate leads, have more sales, more traffic to your website, among others.
  • Create your buyer persona: Once you have established your objectives, you must define your target, since it is with your target audience that your content will be communicated.
  • Establish in which social network you will have a presenceEven though there are different digital platforms, this does not mean that you should have a presence in all of them, this is exhausting and unproductive. It is necessary to analyze the social network that is most appropriate for the brand according to your business model, your persona and marketing objectives.
  • Plan organic and paid strategies: the combination of these strategies is important because they complement each other. Organic publications attract your followers and paid publications offer results in a short time.
  • Create relevant content for your target audience: content for digital media must be relevant to your audience, aligned to your values and brand image and according to the characteristics of each social network.

One brand that knew how to correctly apply all these steps was Coca- Cola and its marketing on social networks with the hashtag #DaGraciasestaNavidad. With it, they stimulated user interaction, increasing their engagement and increasing their reach.



The basics of social media marketing

Social networks in digital marketing should be composed of 5 basic actions that will make the difference in the effectiveness of advertising strategies in the short, medium and long term, these are:

  • Integration: social networks in digital marketing should not be isolated within the action plan, but should be part of it, complementing the other advertising strategies.
  • AmplificationSocial media should be taken into account in all actions carried out within the marketing strategy.
  • ReuseReuse: do not miss the opportunity to recycle content, giving it a new form in order to enhance it.
  • Generate leads: always offer quality content that adds value to people's lives and attracts them to the brand.
  • Learning: the digital world changes very fast, so keeping in constant learning about new trends is indispensable.


The 4Cs of social media marketing

We all know the 4Ps model of advertising, however, the 4Cs have come to change the mindset of content creators when developing effective marketing strategies. Giving more importance to the consumer, their habits and how they behave within social networks. These are: 

  • Consumer.
  • Communication. 
  • Cost.
  • Convenience. 

The basis of the 4Cs theory is to develop processes from the user's point of viewThe 4C's theory is based on the user's point of view, carefully analyzing his wishes and needs, and then taking other variables into account.


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Benefits of social media for your marketing strategy

Since its inception, the impact of impact of social networks on marketing has been has been indisputable. They have become a fundamental part of marketing strategies, completely changing the way in which advertising is done and how companies relate to their consumers. This brought with it important benefits, such as:

  • Reinforces brand image.
  • Lower economic investment since digital advertising is less expensive than traditional media. 
  • More reach in less time. 
  • Real-time measurement of advertising campaign results. 

After answering the question "What are social networks for in digital marketing? social networks in digital marketing? You will see that they are indispensable in advertising strategies thanks to the benefits it brings to the growth of brands.


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